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August 2014
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This episode has everything! An interview with The Miz at Summerslam, an interview with Stone Cold Steve Austin, another incredible phone call with WWE Hall of Famer Booker T, and our hilarious buddy Mike Bridenstine @Brido in studio! We talk everything from Brock Lesnar's dominance to the Bella Twins breakup to the current TV landscape and what the future holds for the world of professional wrestling. Subscribe. Rate 5 stars. Write a review. DIG IT!!

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Summerslam was a classic!! We talk about it in studio with hilarious comedian Ron Funches along with incredible interviews with Roman Reigns and WWE Hall of Famer Booker T!!

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The party of the summer is almost here!! Not only do we give our SummerSlam preview, but we have 3 HUGE guests! Mick Foley calls in to talk about his world tour, Booker T gives his thoughts on the upcoming weekend and Reality of Wrestling, and we have an incredible conversation with Goldberg!! DIG IT.

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How do we follow up our historic show with CM Punk? How about interviews with Daniel Bryan, Booker T, and the immortal Hulk Hogan!! Plus the march to SummerSlam continues. Another power packed show for ya, so DIG THAT!!

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Hot off the heels of a weekend at Comic Con and Reality of Wrestling's iPPV with Booker T in Houston, we proudly bring you this episode with none other than the Best in the World, CM Punk!! So DIG THAT!! 

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YES! This is our special episode from the Reality of Wrestling iPPV in Houston!! We sat down with DDP, D-Von, Stevie Ray, Sharmell, and the stars of the ROW prior to the big show. DIG IT!! 

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Plan C has arrived!! The gang discusses Brock Lesnar's return to the WWE, the possible matchups for SummerSlam, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T talks Reality of Wrestling's 1st ever iPPV this weekend. We also have a great conversation with Hernandez aka SuperMex and we know you'll dig that. As we head to San Diego for ComicCon, enjoy this episode because we'll have plenty more to talk about next week!!

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Those three names say it all. Not only do we have the pleasure of speaking with an Olympic gold medalist and a WWE Hall of Famer, but we have none other than the legendary Iron Sheik in studio!!

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Holla Holla Holla!! The great Teddy Long is on the show this week and tells us some amazing stories!! We continue to prepare for the Reality of Wrestling IPPV on July 26 with WWE Hall of Famer Booker T! Plus, former Ring of Honor World Champion Nigel McGuinness is in studio, as is LA Kings In-Arena host Carrlyn Bathe. Another show we're proud of and we guarantee your ears will dig it player!!

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Yes, Mr. Money in the Bank, SETH ROLLINS!! Also another incredible hangout session with WWE Hall of Famer Booker T as he prepares for Reality of Wrestling's 1st IPPV on July 26. So much to talk about after an incredible Money in the Bank PPV followed by a Monday Night Raw with more shocking returns than we can count! Jericho, Miz, AJ Lee are all covered plus we continue the t-shirt design ideas for Suplex Wrestling as well as the birth of DIG IT!! 

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